T & D Aircraft Gse Overhaul & Repair Service

Aircraft Jack Overhaul, Aircraft Jack Repair, Aircraft Hydraulic Repair Service, Aircraft Parts and Supplies for Your Aircraft Jack

This service covers all current Tronair and Malabar axle and tripod jacks. Upon receipt of your firm T & D will provide a Return Goods Authorization number. Upon receipt of your Rebuildable Tronair or Malabar Jack Core* T & D Aircraft Gse will overhaul the jack and will have it ready for shipment within 10 Business days. This service covers the following models:

Tronair Axle Jacks

Tronair Tripod Jacks

Malabar Axle Jacks

Malabar Tripod Jacks

Complete disassembly and component part inspection.

Installation of new Tronair or Malabar Repair Kit.

Repaint complete jack with skydrol resistant yellow paint or Blue Paint.

Load test to factory setting and test certificate.

Preservation and packaging per Malabar & Tronair standards

1 year factory standard warranty.

Parts and service includes:

*Note: A Rebuildable Core includes all the following jack components in working condition if originally supplied when the item was new:

-Cylinder -Tripod Legs

– Plunger(s) – Footpads

– Screw Extension – Adjustable Swivel Feet

– Bearings/Stop Rings – Ladder & Platform Assembly

– Cylinder Base -Tripod Jack Hydraulic Casters

– Valve Block – Tripod Jack Standard Casters

– Hand pump(s) – and other structural components that do not require replacement

Note: Replacement of the above items will be at an additional charge for the part only.

Overhaul Price: For budgetary purposes, the overhaul price based on receipt of a complete rebuildable core shall not exceed 65% of the current factory new price.

Aircraft Jack Test Certification Services

This service covers all Tronair & Malabar Axle and Tripod Jacks. Upon receipt of your inquiry    T & D will provide a price quotation including a lead time estimate. Upon acceptance of the quotation and receipt of a firm order. T & D will provide a Return Goods Authorization number and perform the following services:

Unpackaging and reassembly (if required)

Re-calibrate the jack load gauge (if so equipped)

Load test to factory setting and test certificate.

Standard Tronair or Malabar packaging for Axle Jacks.

Domestic skid packaging for Tripod Jacks per Tronair & Malabar Standards*.

*Note: Export Packaging is an extra charge.

T & D Product Repairs

ITEM                                 FEE*

Cylinder Assemblies $250

Hydraulic Pumps $250

Hand Carry Axle Jacks $350

Mobile Axle Jacks $800

Axle Jack Test Fixtures $800

Narrow Body Tripod Jacks $800

Wide Body Tripod Jacks, Tail Stanchions $1,400

Fluid Dispensers $350

Nitrogen Carts, Service Trailers, Strut Service Carts $800

Wheel Brake Changers, Drip Stick Tool $350

Labor $250

O.C. Guns $250

Load Test $300

Gauge Calibrations $250

New Placard $275

Note: T & D Aircraft Gse will notify you if the repair cost exceeds 65% of the price for a new or Used Rebuilt unit. If a new unit is ordered within 30 days after notification, the inspection fee will be waived.

Thank you for your continued interest in T & D Aircraft Gse. Please contact the T & D Sales Representative in your region or our sales office in Peachtree City, Ga for additional information and assistance. (678) 895-9839

T & D Aircraft Gse Repairs All Makes And Models Of Aircraft Tripod Jacks & Aircraft Axle Jacks

T & D Aircraft Gse Repairs All Makes And Models Of Aircraft Tripod Jacks & Aircraft Axle Jacks